Quality Policy

Al-Maroof HR Consultant is committed in its endeavour to seek apt individuals who are able to create a standard in the working environment for a multitude of enterprises across the globe.

We have raised the industry benchmark in securing pertinent professionals who are tailor made to the structure of the required organization.

Moreover, our aim is to be consistent and updated with the techniques and norms of various industries, whilst utilizing a scope for improvement in all our practices.

Quality Assurance

Al-Maroof HR Consultants is committed to excellence. It aims to ensure that the expectations of its clients and workers are met. We believe that only through professional, personalized service will it be able to continue to earn and maintain its excellent reputation. We never forget that we are dealing with PEOPLE. We tailor our services to ensure that we effectively match applicants to existing vacancies so as attain optimal productivity and efficiency from our workers.

A Perfect Match

Al-Maroof HR Consultants always makes sure that the successful Candidates we place with the company not only meets the requirement set forth by our clients, but also fits perfectly with the Company’s corporate culture and environment. In addition, we assist both parties in the negotiation of a remuneration package that will benefit both sides